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UFC #1 Contender Rankings – April 2011

christopherharte wikimedia commons

Welcome to Washington Sportsjam’s first #1 Contender Rankings! There is no official UFC Contender Rankings so I thought that this would be an interesting list to make. This list is in no way official and in no way affiliated with the UFC. This list is how I think the fighters should be ranked, not how I think the UFC ranked the fighters.

A few other notes on rankings. If a fighter has a championship bout lined up, he’s automatically the #1 Contender because if he wins he becomes the champ. Notable victories include other fighters on this list in any weight class, former UFC champions, UFC Hall of Famers, and former featherweight and bantamweight WEC champions. Notable defeats only count if they were in the in the UFC or in the lower weight classes of the WEC.


1. Junior Dos Santos

Last Fight:  Defeated Roy Nelson by Decision 8/7/10

Last Win: Defeated Roy Nelson by Decision 8/7/10

Wins in the UFC:  6

Streak: 6

Notable Fighters Defeated: Nelson, Filipovic, Struve, Werdum
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