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Episode 44 – The Fired! Show (Redskins Week 16 Review)

Matt takes over hosting duties for the first time and is joined by Mark. They recap the Redskins OT win over the Jaguars, giving out their usual game awards to some surprising candidates. They also comment on the ongoing McNabb and Portis sagas and preview the last game of the year. Non-Redskins discussions include the firing of Coach Friedgen and the Wizards possibly parting with Andray Blatche.


Game Recap

Game Analysis

Game MVP

Game LVP

McNabb saga continues

Portis wants to return next year

Maryland fires Head Coach Ralph Friedgen after being named ACC Coach of the Year and a Bowl win

Wizards shopping Andray Blatche for a possible trade

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Episode 33 – Redskins Week 4 Review

Matt and Mark recap the Skins upset over the Eagles, make their predictions for the Packers games, and discuss the Clinton Portis injury, the Hunter Smith signing, and the Devin Thomas controversy. They also call out LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes. As a reminder we are now podcasting weekly during the NFL regular season so make sure to subscribe!

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Steelers vs. Skins Notes and Training Camp News

On Saturday night the Skins beat the Steelers, 17-13.  The starting offense scored a field goal with a Shaun Suisham chip shot while Chase Daniel threw two TD passes.  Here are some things I noticed from the second preseason game, broken down per unit:

Starting Offensive Unit-   The sky might not be falling after all.  The offensive line was impressive in their time on the field for the second consecutive preseason matchup.  While there probably has been less game-planning by their opponents, the Skins have faced two of the top defensive teams in the league and Campbell has yet to feel major pressure.  Not only that, but the Skins ground game was successful on their first drive.  Portis had 5 rushes for 26 yards (5.2 yards/carry) and Rock Cartwright had that sweet punt fake run as well.  The O-line appears to be “gelling” and with Heyer now solidifying the RT spot, the focus is now on who the backups will be.  Jason Reid of the Redskins Insider thinks big Mike Williams will be a backup this year for sure, but he hasn’t been in a preseason game yet, so I’m not so sure.

Starting Defensive Unit- Orakpo is going to be a freaking beast.  That’s all I can say about him that really summarizes his play.  He lifted a 304 lb. offensive lineman off the ground on one play while rushing Charlie Batch.  He consistently got to the Steelers backfield and was seen wherever the ball was.  I can’t wait to see him play (especially against the Cowboys) this season.  The whole defense played pretty well, including DeAngelo Hall (even with that bogus penalty for unnecessary roughness called on him on the first drive).  

Special Teams- The kicking position is still unsettled, but Dominique Dorsey had some shifty moves as a punt returner.  

Other units & Notes: Todd Collins looked great with the exception of an interception (which I think was actually Devin Thomas’ fault for not going after the ball on a slant route).  Collins has grasped the Zorn offense and played well enough in the two preseason games to be the No. 2 QB this year.  That’s it.  Game over for that spot.

Marcus Mason played well again, but he’s got to figure out the special teams thing so he can make this roster.  I really hope he does because he’s got great speed that the Skins could use as an alternating look between Betts and Portis.  Reed Doughty has been looking really solid, both in tackling and in coverage.  

Chase Daniel appears to be beating Colt Brennan right now for the final QB slot (I would say due to his play in these preseason games and not because of Colt’s out of control “swagger”).  Somehow Colt has taken a step back from last year’s amazing preseason performance, even with a year under Zorn and his system.  Watch for Colt to improve against the Patriots this week.  If he doesn’t, I don’t think he’s got much longer in Washington (again, hard to believe with how well he did last year, but Chase looked great when he scrambled and threw those two touchdowns).  

Marko Mitchell, the 7th round pick from Nevada looks like a stud.  He’s making plays every day in practice and so far, in every preseason game.  Chase Daniel and Mitchell was the connection for the second touchdown of the night for the Skins.  I honestly can’t remember  the last time the Redskins even attempted a lob/fade in the back of the endzone.  Seriously, when was the last time that even happened?  Michael Westbrook?  Alvin Harper?  Cerrato may have a serious knack for picking the 7th rounders that make an impact.  Mitchell will most likely not only make the roster but get some time this year.  Yeah, I said it.


Top Five Things to Watch for in Skins v. Ravens

Thursday night is finally upon us and the Redskins will be matching up against their beltway non-conference, non-annually played, non-rival !  Even though this is just a preseason game.  It’s another step closer to the regular season.  There are many things that will need to happen for the Redskins to be successful this year, among them: Campbell’s growth in the Zorn offense, Haynesworth living up to his monstrous contract (though slightly lesser than T-Suggs contract with Baltimore) and how the offensive line protects Campbell.  Unfortunately, because it is the first preseason game you won’t see any of those things.  Campbell is likely to be in for one series, Haynesworth (along with other some other starters including Portis) aren’t playing, and the offensive line (Randy Thomas) will not be at full strength.  But, don’t you worry avid Redskins fan!  There is still plenty to watch and learn from tonight’s preseason matchup.

Here’s a run of our Top 5 things to watch for:

5. Offensive line play- Last year the Redskins selected Chad Rinehart (Left Tackle from Northern Iowa) with a third round draft pick and expectations were high for him to be a quality reserve for the offensive line.  It didn’t pan out that way, and he struggled to be effective last year when his number was called.  His explanation?  He was intimidated by the players he faced in the NFL and was stuck imitating others instead of playing “his game”. Injuries happen and have already started to swipe at the starting O-line, so Rinehart will most likely be called upon during the regular season.  Hopefully he will start reclaiming that swagger in the preseason to gear up for the rest of the year.

Of course Right Tackle is the biggest question mark on the O-line, so watch tonight how Heyer, Mike Williams and Bridges fare against a very challenging Ravens defense.  Although they won’t see the first team defense for long, the Ravens have consistently had one of the strongest defenses in the league the past decade and you don’t have that type of consistency without depth.  The race at who will start at RT starts tonight.

4. Just for Kicks- Shaun Suisham has a competition this year for his job at kicker (Thank goodness). Dave Rayner and Suisham will battle it out all preseason long, probably by switching up half’s of the game.  I am not sure this is really a competition, but I’d be shocked if Suisham wins it. Apparently he’s been spending time in the offseason working on things, so maybe he’ll come out and not be the league’s worst kicker. That’d be great.

Oh yeah, we also have a punter that (supposedly) is decent.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing our first punt tonight to see if Hunter Smith can help us forget about the whole Frost/Brooks fiasco from last year and the Plackemeir band-aid. Smith apparently has some pretty sweet sneaks too.

3. Cult of Colt vs. ToddBall Who will be the Number Two QB? One thing you can bet you’ll see this preseason is a heated position battle for the number 2 quarterback spot behind Campbell.  Colt Brennan had an incredible preseason last year going 36 for 53 for 411 yards 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions (also leading all rookies with a QB rating of 109.9 in preseason games).  Todd Collins will most likely put up a good fight, with him also having the advantage of being in Zorn’s system for a second year.  Last year Collins seemed to be out of place while trying to adapt after being in Al Saunders style of offense for nearly a century.

2. Who’s going to be Z-Man’s Z Receiver? This is it, Devin Thomas vs. Malcolm Kelly. Can these second year receiver’s stay on the field and actually contribute this year? Thomas is starting tonight with the first team offense at the flanker position, opposite of Santana Moss.  But both Thomas and Kelly will receive major time tonight and will be challenged by the Ravens secondary.  Their success this pivotal to the success of Campbell.  Look for Campbell and Thomas to get comfortable with each other.  Some early chemistry building could go a long way if Thomas can stay healthy.

1. Orakpo’s debut.  Brian Orakpo was selected 13th in the first round by the Redskins this year and is going to be playing a mix of the SAM LB position (where Marcus Washington played) and Defensive End (where he wreaked havoc in college while playing for Texas). Orakpo’s been exceeding expectations throughout camp, impressing Samuels and Blache with both his natural talent and his quick learning of the defensive system. I don’t want to jinx anything but I think Orakpo could be a dominant force when paired with Haynesworth and Andre Carter.  Tonight we’ll be able to see Orakpo w/o Haynesworth’s help (hopefully not the case very often during the regular season).


Also watch for these tonight: The competition for punt returner, Kevin Barnes’ debut, Marcus Mason’s last shot and Chase Daniel’s first time against NFL players.


Jansen Cut, Skins Right Tackle Competition b/w Big Mike, Heyer and Bridges

Jansen Cut Today

Career In DC.

This morning Jon Jansen was cut by the Redskins after Zorn didn’t see Jansen in the Skins’ future plans.  Snyder flew Jansen into DC from his Michigan home to tell him of the situation in person and Snyder offered Jansen the chance to retire a Redskin.  Jansen rejected it and preferred being cut.

Jansen was here with the Skins for 10 years and had a pretty solid career here.  The past few years he had injury problems but it was hard not to like him.  He was drafted by the Skins in 1999 in the 2nd Round out of Michigan and was steady for the majority of his career.  If you remember, Jansen has been a major force to be reckoned with on the O-line for the majority of his career, especially in the running game.  Last year he was benched before the season started in favor of Stephon Heyer.  After Heyer got injured last season, Jansen found his way back in the lineup and held onto the position for the remainder of the year.  Out of 126 games Jansen played in, he started in 123.  Also how can we forget when he battled on the front lines with not one, but TWO broken thumbs?!

The Reasons.

Injuries and Youth-  As noted above, Jansen has had injury issues the past 4-5 years.  After rupturing his achilles tendon in 2004, fighting with 2 broken thumbs in 2005,  and other injuries the past few years, Jansen’s body has taken quite a toll.  The Skins want to get younger on the offensive line and you can’t develop potential star Stephon Heyer if he’s second string.  Jansen wasn’t keen about being benched last year in favor of Heyer (how could a warrior such as Jansen ever be fine with losing a spot?).  Zorn and Joe Bugel apparently tried to work him as a center and guard as a backup option but didn’t like what they saw.

What do the Redskins Gain and Lose?


  • Roster Spot and Extra Evaluation time- The release of Jansen allows for Offensive Line Coach Joe Bugel to spend more time evaluating new potential answers for the spot, Jeremy Bridges and Mike Williams or Stephon Heyer.  This also allows the Skins another spot to use on the roster before cuts come later in the offseason.
  • A Younger Line- The Skins are aging on the Offensive line and many believe that even though it’s a tough thing to lose Jansen, this is a step in the right direction.  Guys like Stephon Heyer and Chad Rinehart should get more playing time.  Heyer earned it in his first year and has put in some major work this offseason to make sure he’s ready to roll.


  • Veteran Leadership- Jon Jansen was a 10 year pillar on the line for the Skins.  Always the fighter and warrior, his grittiness earned him the nickname of “Rock“.  He also hated to lose more than most on the team.  It’s too bad the Skins didn’t get further with him here in DC.
  • Salary Cap Flexibility- There have been different reports on the effects of Jansen’s release.  We’ll see what the specifics are but it appears that the Skins are going to take a hit by cutting him.

What now?

For the Skins-  The fight for the Right Tackle spot gets a little less crowded but not less competitive.  Zorn is keeping an open mind  and I think he’s hoping to see Mike Williams drop some more weight to be a real factor.  If I had to bet money on it, I’d put my money on Heyer.  

For Jon Jansen- Jansen scored a deal with the Detroit Lions hours the same day he was cut by the Skins.  This is a great situation for both sides.  Jansen gets to finish his career in Michigan and the Lions get a veteran guard with some fight still left in him for the veteran minimum.

Thanks Jansen for your hard work and blue-collar approach to a tough job, good luck in Detroit, they really need your help!