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Skins Loss to Chiefs Prompts Major Changes

The Washington Redskins lost to another winless opponent yesterday, dropping one at home to the Kansas City Chiefs 14-6.  I wish I could have said this was a major surprise.  I wasn’t really shocked the Skins lost on Sunday but if you told me the following, I would have thought we were going to win:

  • Clinton Portis would break off the longest run of his entire career with a 78 yard run (15 rushes for 109 yards).
  • The Skins defense would have five sacks, would not allow a touchdown (to a team that scored 20 points against the Dallas Cowboys the previous week), and kept Larry Johnson under 100 yards rushing.
  • The Redskins would only have one turnover committed in the game on a “Hail Mary” pass at the end of the first half.

So, what happened?  How did the Redskins lose this game? In a nutshell:

  • The offense continued to struggle with putting points on the board and did not get in the end zone at all, even going against one of the worst defenses in the league.
  • The wide receivers and quarterbacks of the Redskins could not consistently connect on deep routes even though Thomas, Moss and Randle El looked to be beating coverage.
  • Timeouts were wasted.  Again.
  • The offensive line gave up a safety for the second straight week.
  • Jason Campbell was benched after missing open receivers down field.
  • Instead of going for a 52 or 53 yard field goal, Zorn elects to have Jason Campbell throw it towards (not even in) the endzone.
  • Special teams had problems again this week and surrendered excellent field position after our punt was blocked.

Six points.  That’s it.  The Washington Redskins are now 2-4, sitting at the bottom of the NFC East and are faced with a potentially disastrous matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles on national television next Monday night.  Something has to be done, right?  Something’s got to give, something must change.

The Change

After another pathetic performance by the Redskins offense, Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder met with Jim Zorn Sunday night and according to Zorn, “strongly suggested” that he give up play-calling duties.  This is the “too much on his plate” approach.  It definitely must have been tough on Zorn after being brought in initially as the Offensive Coordinator before he was hired as the Head Coach.  This is also in the context of the organization’s hiring of Sherm Lewis to be that “extra set of eyes” to see if he can fix the offense.  Now Lewis is the one who will be calling the plays.  Sherm Lewis said when he was hired here, he wasn’t “trying to take anyone’s job” and I believe him.  And now he has Zorn’s job of play-calling.

But at this point, is this the answer?  I am not entirely sure if Lewis will have any more success in his calling of the plays than Zorn did with this personnel.  The offensive line might have lost Chris Samuels not just for the season, but for his career after last weeks “stinger” and his narrowing spine problem.  That means that whether Todd Collins gets the start next Monday night or whether it’s Jason Campbell again (which I find more likely) it’s still going to be a bumpy ride.

The Effect

It’s hard to look at this move and not see that Jim Zorn’s days as the Skins Head Coach are numbered.  Whether it’s deserved or not, it’s clear that the fans and Dan Snyder will want change next season (if not much earlier).  There’s an off chance that the Redskins win big Monday night which might buy Zorn more time.  If the Skins wind up winning a few more in the harder part of his schedule he might be able keep it for the remainder of the season.  My view is that if the plan is to fire Zorn after Monday night, just fire him now.  Deal with him like a man, or else just let him do his job.

Stay tuned this week for an examination of who might be the Redskins next head coach if Zorn gets the axe, a comparison of Campbell and much, much more.


Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post has done a great job collecting thoughts from various media and football persona’s regarding the changes Cerrato has handed down.  Tony Dungy’s take here and everyone else you can think of is here.

Tony Kornheiser talked on his radio show this morning about his conversation with Dan Snyder in the owner’s box and Joe Theismann even came up as an option for a candidate to be the next (interim-only please?) head coach.

Comedian Danny Rouhier examines the futility of the Redskins great draft picks since 1991 and his latest “Redskins Anonymous” meeting.  It’s awesome, I promise.

Your Thoughts

What do you expect the product will be like against Philadelphia on Monday night?

Is the Zorn Era over?

Should it be?

Is Campbell done here?