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Washington Sportsjam stops Touring

Hey everyone, Mark here.

Just that I’d give everyone a quick update on what’s going on, and to let you know, that yes, right now the Washington Sportsjam podcast  is on indefinite hiatus.  Matt, David, and I just have not been able to find the time lately to record a podcast, and you may have noticed that before the last one the gaps between episodes was getting wider and wider. We’re scattered in three places now and have all gotten busier for various reasons. As if this moment we have no podcasts planned or scheduled.  Hopefully, in the summer we’ll have some time out, and be able to record a podcast,  but I don’t think we’ll ever reach our goal of a monthly podcast. And again right now nothing is planned.

However, on the brightside, we are going to be putting some more time into the blog. You’ll notice Matt has jumped on and has posted fairly frequently. Also, check out our twitter feed. We ‘ll post our quick thoughts up there as often as possible and try to tweet during any major sporting events we’re watching. Matt and I have already tweeted during Games 2 and 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

It’s been fun, and thanks for everyone who listened. I still have a small bonus episode of outtakes to release at some point. We hope that we can back to the podcast stronger than ever and really deliver a quality product. But until we can, please forgive our absence. Please, keep following this blog for podcast information and also if you want to continue to hear our thoughts on different sports matters.  This blog will become more of an outlet for our thoughts than before. And please continue commenting and sharing your ideas. Making a great community for D.C. sportsfans has always been my biggest goal.

Mark out.