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Suckforce MMA

Last Saturday night, the Strikeforce MMA organization held a major event on CBS. Strikeforce:Nashville featured not one, not two, but three title bouts.  There are a few reasons I liked the event, and a few reasons I didn’t.

Let’s start with what I liked. It was free event for those at home, a network TV event even. I liked that there were three title bouts. I liked the stat tracking that CBS did, it made it feel like more of a sport.  I liked the fact that there is an organization trying to compete with the UFC. Dana White is far too controlling of a President for my taste, one who is known for trying to control his fighters actions both inside and outside the ring.  If there is an organization out there that can compete with White’s UFC talent-wise, and show us some quality fights for free then I am all for that.

Unfortunately, Strikeforce’s championship bouts on Saturday night were three of the sloppiest and most boring fights I have ever watched. All of the fighters looked gassed after the first round, no one was striking hard or precisely, and all of the ground game was ridiculously sloppy. The whole night was easy fodder for MMA critics who complain that the sport is nothing more than guys hugging and laying on top of each other.

While the majority of Strikeforce (or formerly Elite XC) fighters have never been as entertaining or skillful as the top UFC fighters, I was still expecting more from this group. Jake Shields was one of the few exciting fighters to watch in the Elite XC. Dan Henderson is an MMA veteran who was coming off two wins in the UFC. I was sort of expecting him to class up the joint. In fact this looked like Strikeforce’s most stacked card ever with the only contender not in Sherdog’s top-ten rankings being Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal.

As to who won the fights, who really cares? None of them deserved a belt after their poor performances. If any of the fighters had put out that kind of showing in the UFC they wouldn’t have lasted past the 1st round.

All in all a very disappointing night. There are good fighters out there who are not in the UFC. I mean if there are enough out there to fill EA Sports MMA there must be enough to fill a competitive league right? Here’s hoping the next Strikeforce event is actually good. Competition for the UFC is good for both the fans and the sport.


Slice is Sliced.

Despite what the Elite XC announcers want us to believe Kimbo Slice being defeated by Seth Petruzelli is not a “Rocky” story. It was inevitable that a brawler with hardly any MMA skills would be defeated by a more complete MMA athlete eventually. It is a bit surprising it was a knockout and not a submission, but tomatoes tomatoes.

The whole Elite XC thing I don’t know how to feel about. The cast of characters is nothing but UFC castoffs, dropouts, and never-wases. The fights seem more exciting becuase there is not much ground work, because most of the fighters have no ground game. I’m fairly sure an Elite XC champ would be shredded by a UFC newbie.

Elite XC seems to be trying to protect their big stars from embarrasing defeat, like Kimbo’s. Gina Carano finally fought someone who wasn’t a cream-puff, but when will she fight Cyber?  Elite XC will probably delay that fight as long as possible, because from the looks of it Cyber would tear Carano apart.

I enjoy watching the Saturday Night Fights when their on, but I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever get to see UFC or Pride on Network Prime Time. I’m also starting to wonder if there is any move to unification, at least in the States, because there is no way I am keeping up with all however many MMA leagues there are.


Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting.

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So, if anyone listened to our very first podcast, you’ll know that David and I are MMA fans. Well, on Saturday night MMA had it’s network television debut. I watched the drama unfold with my dad and another friend of mine.

Here are a few thoughts on it.

It was much more commercialized then the UFC and much more theatrical. The phrase “WWE” came up a few times while we were watching it.

The fights were stopped a lot more quickly than UFC fights are. I would have liked the fights to keep going a bit longer, because there could have still been a reversal of fortune in some cases. In the championship fight between Lawler and Smith it was called a no contest after the stoppage because Smith had been poked in the eye and couldn’t see.

None of the fighters were very well balanced, none really had any good ground game at all. The fights looked more like slugfests than MMA fights. That actually made the fights a bit more exciting than some UFC fights, but you could tell the fighters weren’t of the same caliber. A lot of the fighters had actually been kicked out of the UFC, and had recently lost as well.

The main event of Kimbo Slice and James “the Colussus” Thompsom was a great fight. I thought Kimbo was done for in the 2nd round, but he battled back in the third and won by TKO. One of the most exciting MMA fights I’ve seen.

I understand the reason for a few of these things. UFC is a pay-per-view event while they do have sponsors, they don’t have to sponsor every little thing to defray the costs. MMA can’t afford to have anyone permanently damaged on network tv so the refs and doctors are careful to a fault. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the fans want blood of course. The caliber of fighters is something I didn’t understand. If there mostly UFC dropouts and up and comers there’s nothing “Elite” about them.

Saturday Night Fights was a good mainstream introduction to MMA. It was an entertaining night. Hopefully, this will open the doors to UFC and Pride on Network TV or more mainstream cable.