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Episode 37 – Washington Sportsjam does the Dougie

It’s a bye-week bonanza! Bryan joins Matt and Mark to discuss the Redskins, Capitals, and Wizards. Redskins topics include the disappointing loss to the Lions, the McNabb benching, Brandon Banks standout play, and a preview of the upcoming Eagles Monday Night game. Caps topics include early play recap, season predictions, and goalie talk. Wizards topics include more John Wall and Andray Blatche talk and not very optimistic season predictions. Make sure to nominate our show for the  2010 Podcast Awards!

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A Lionshare Share of Blame to go Around

In week 8 the Redskins dropped their second consecutive game to the terrible Lions. Redskins fans will recall that last year the Skins gave the Lions their first win after 19 straight losses. This year the Lions came in a little better  — at 1-5 for the year but only 1-9 over the previous ten games.

There were many people, including local sportswriters,Matt on the last podcast, and the Redskins themselves thought that this game would show the difference between this year’s team and last year’s.  This time the Redskins weren’t going to play down to the competition. This year they were going to beat a team they should beat decisively. They weren’t going to commit stupid penalties, weren’t going to give up big plays on D, and the offense was finally going to start clicking.

Well, it ended up being deja vu all over again. The Redskins once again couldn’t protect the ball, didn’t commit to the run, and made penalties in crucial situations. Yet again their defense played well enough to keep them in the game but couldn’t win the game for them. Special teams almost did, but a penalty negated one of the two return TDs. This year’s Redskins aren’t looking that much different from last year’s Redskins.

Two years ago after the Jim Zorn slide began, I wrote an article instructing which Redskins player and personnel I thought should be let go. I don’t feel quite as strongly this year, but some heads should roll over some of the poor play and decisions that have taken place this year. So here’s who should be replaced if an upgrade comes along.

Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan

How long to we have to wait for the younger Shanahan’s system to work? In the 8th game of the season it looked worse than ever. Kyle Shanahan seems incapable of adapting his system to the players instead insisting the players adapt to his system. Which could work if the O-line wasn’t terrible.

Kyle has stated that in this offense you set up the run by getting in a rhythm with the pass. That is never going to happen behind in this offense. The line doesn’t protect well enough and the receivers aren’t sure-handed enough. Another flaw of the Shanahan’s’ systems is the pass reads. Apparently, QB Donovan Mcnabb is supposed to read the deep routes first, then the middle, and then the shallow routes last. In a more traditional West Coast offense it would be the opposite.  Reading routes this way sets up more big plays but gives the QB less time to complete an accurate pass.

No one knows for sure if the 2-pt conversions and the benching of McNabb were Kyle’s decisions, his Dad’s, or a combination. However your go-to-guy on a conversion can’t be Fred Davis. Oh, and if your QB doesn’t know your 2-minute offense you’re  a terrible OC.

The whole Offensive Line except Trent Williams

The offensive line is atrocious and getting worse, more injured, and older every day. They gave up a season high seven sacks against the Lions and only averaged 2.3 yds per rush by running backs. Trent Williams is the only player on the line who’s going to get any better but he’s going to have a hard time surrounded by this “talent”.

Safety Reed Doughty

Doughty had huge penalty that may have altered the game. During a Brandon Banks return TD, he was called for an illegal block in the back. Whether or not Banks could have made the run without the block is debatable. However, you never block a man when his back is to you and a professional football player should know that. Doughty hasn’t played well all year on D and has been a liability in both the run and the passing game. If he’s going to start making stupid penalties on Special Teams there’s no place for him on the team.

Bruce Allen GM

Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan’s offseason moves resulted in a major overhaul of this team. Yet the team seems to be stuck between trying to win now and a rebuilding phase. The offensive line they put together is terrible and not going to improve. While the Ravens, Jets, and Bengals were putting together stacked receiving cores Allen was only able to get the Skins Joey Galloway. Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong are nice pickups, if you’re rebuilding. They’re not legitimate receiving threats yet.

The most egregious though was the McNabb trade. After  the trade for McNabb they did not sign him to an extension right away. Now, after he was benched for Rex Grossman, they may not be able to re-sign him even if they want to. If he decides to go elsewhere  they’ll be forced use a high draft pick on a QB and start building the team around the new guy.

I don’t see how the Skins can put together a playoff contender next year without some major moves. Right now it looks like a lot of the “win-now” guys will be scrapped for younger potential.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

This is a little drastic I admit. I don’t think the Skins should cut Shanny loose after just one season. But, if Bill Cowher or another coach with similar credentials is looking for a job you have to question whether Shanahan is right for DC and this team.

Shanahan was in on the personnel moves. He could have told Allen to get him a younger, healthier, and better offensive line but let the GM go out and sign a number of questionable veterans. There are rumours that he has been treating this year as a rehearsal for McNabb before decided whether or not to offer him a serious contract.  He brought  in his son, who doesn’t appear to be able to call an effective offense with players he had a huge part in picking. He decided not to dress a healthy Derrick Dockery and Chad Simpson despite injuries to the running back core and o-line. The decision to go for 2 and to bench McNabb ultimately came down to him.

Maybe Shanahan was trying to prove he’s the boss. Maybe he was trying to light a fire under unproductive players. Maybe that was his motive for benching McNabb and not dressing Dockery. In hindsight he picked a terrible time to prove a point.

I hope this loss served as a wake-up call to the Shanahans, Bruce Allen, the O-line, and Reed Doughty. Because if they want to be successful in Washington they still have a lot to prove. And they can’t prove it if they’re not around.


Washington Sports Wrap-up (week of 9/28)

It’s time for a little summary of what’s going on in the DMV this week.

Washington Capitals

The Caps opened up the season with a 4-1 win over Boston.

Washington Wizards

Flip Saunders gave the Wizards players t-shirts that say “Our Time” and an I-pod Touch with the 250 page playbook complete with diagrams and charts.  I think that’s pretty awesome.  Saunders seems to be highly organized and very creative.  Antwaan Jamison is definitely pumped about having the proven head coach.  Here’s an excerpt from an article by Michael Lee of The Washington Post,

“To me, those are the kinds of things that make a difference. There’s no excuse why you don’t know the plays,” said Jamison, adding that each iPod has an individual code to protect its contents in case it is lost or stolen. “That playbook is like one of those NFL playbooks, it goes on for days. [Saunders] incorporated things so quickly and you go right into it. His enthusiasm, attention to detail, he don’t play around. I like the overall concept of how we’re going to do things here.”

Oh yeah, and Saunders also apparently hired a hypnotist who used mind tricks to get Nick Young and Mike James to hop around, put their hands over a flame and danced.  Anyone know if we can get him to hypnotize the Wizards into playing defense?  Just a thought.

Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals

Walk Off- Grand Slam for the season finale at home.  Not bad, but the Washington Nationals still suck.

After so much optimism in the last 3/4 of the season, the Baltimore Orioles have lost 13 in a row and also still suck.

Washington Redskins

Where to begin?  Let’s start with something positive.  Hard to do with Washington Redskins? Try this on for size: London Fletcher is as inspiring and active off the football field as much as he is on it.  (I wonder if Nancy Pelosi knows her about her bump-in yet?)


"It's Just Preseason"

Yes, it’s just preseason.  That’s what I had to continually affirm to myself once the game started and the Skins were down 6-0 to the Ravens starters.  I had to keep telling myself that it was “just preseason” when we ended up losing 23-0 and weren’t in field goal range one freaking time.  As far as those top 5 things went, well, some of them we saw and some we did not.  Let’s do a quick recap…

5. Offensive Line Play- For the most part, the offensive line did pretty well, I guess.  There were no huge holes for the running backs but seeing as everyone this offseason is predicting Campbell’s decapitation by week 3, they didn’t do that bad.  In fact, Campbell said he was pleased with their play (Of course what’s he going to say?  He’s no Clinton Portis).

Campbell actually picked out Rinehart and said he was impressed with his play.

4. Just for kicks. This was probably the most frustrating thing of the whole night. We saw one kickoff, no field goals and clearly no PAT’s.  It’s going to be tough (again, though it shouldn’t be) for coaches to determine a winner of a kicking competition when nobody freaking kicks in the games.  Our offense the whole way through was completely incompetent, not even in field goal range at the end of a drive.  Fred Davis fumbled a way a possible scoring drive or two on his own.

3. Cult of Colt vs. Toddball- Round 1 goes to Todd Collins.  Colt had the majority of time against the Ravens but failed to impress like he did last year.  He actually looked pretty uncomfortable with the backup line play. I know there were a few times he had open receivers and opted to scramble for a 5 or 6 yard scramble instead of making the toss.  Here’s the statistical breakdown:

Todd Collins

8 for 11   70 yards      72.7% Comp.%      O TD  O INT                    Rating 89.2

Colt Brennan

4 for 12   43 yards    33.3 % Comp. %       O TD    1 INT                   Rating 10.1

Colt had 3 rushes for 13 yards as well.

Colt’s pick, I didn’t think was entirely his fault.  The receiver definitely could have caught it though it wasn’t placed perfectly.  Collins definitely seemed more comfortable than a year ago (though still looked skittish in the pocket).  I expect that Collins will get more time against the Steelers this week and we’ll probably see more of Chase Daniel as well.

2. Who’s going to be Z-Man’s Z Receiver? Statistics can do part of the talking here:

Kelly- 3 catches, 25 yards, long of 13

Thomas- 1 catch, 12 yards, long of 12

Honestly, I was just glad they played a whole game and didn’t break, rip, tear or pull anything.  But beyond that, I can see the optimism surrounding these guys.  They have great size and seem like if they start putting things together they can use some of their speed to really infuse some life into this offense.  Kelly had a great grab he plucked from the air on a slant route in the middle of the field.  But then he ran the route a bit short on another play costing the Skins a first down.  Thomas had a good play but also seemed to be out of place on a WR screen from Collins.  Right now?  Edge goes to Kelly.

Fred Davis had some good moments right before he fumbled it…twice

1. Orakpo’s debut- One of the only highlights of the night was seeing Orakpo blow by the Ravens O-line.  Yes, Michael Oher (the guy Baltimore picked in the first round that we could have had) played well.  But in this game he was a waning candle compared to the brightness of Orakpo’s debut.  Did not have a sack but showed good pursuit from end.  His impact at LB (which is probably more significant) was unnoticeable, which makes sense since he’s still learning that position.  Actually, the whole defensive line throughout the night played well consistently breaking through the Ravens line and hurrying throws of Flacco, Smith and Beck.

Other Skins highlights and low-lights

Hagans did little to impress Zorn in this game as a punt returning option.  At one point I think I caught Zorn telling Hagans after another fair catch, “Do you want this job as a punt returner for us??”

Jeremy Jarmon had a batted down pass and broke through the line a few times.  He had a great debut as a Skin and paired with Orakpo, I think Vinny could get a bunch of people off his back for a little while (unless the offensive line explodes like everyone is screaming it will).  Jarmon has great size and speed, looks like a real smart pick.

Our secondary secondary had a really really rough night.  Tryon got burned on every freaking slant route.  Theismann blamed it on size but I don’t think that was really the issue.  If Tryon was bigger and in the same place, the Ravens receivers would still have been burning him.  His position was off every time.  Barnes also had a bad night.  He got burned for a touchdown, not sure if he thought Doughty was there in support but he wasn’t.

Also, Betts was given a Bettis jersey for the night.  I hope this is the only thing in common we have with the Nationals this year.  The Papa Johns segment DURING THE GAME WAS RIDICULOUSLY LONG, too.

What were your thoughts about the game?  What do you expect to see from the Skins against the Steelers this week?