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Hi everyone! Mark here. We’re going to talk about this a little on the next podcast, but there is going to be a change coming to Washington Sportsjam. Please let us know what direction you’d like it take!


BCS is Lame

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Wasn’t Michigan better than Florida in the regular season (who knows about the post season though.)? I think they should do a playoff system, it would be so easy. You could still have your 8 conference games and 4 non-conferences games. Then in Week 13 every conference would have a Conference Championship. You could even have a bye week between The regular season and the Conference Championship.

Then the 12 Conference Champions would go to a playoff system. Now everyone can vote and the top 4 ranked teams would get a first round bye and seeds 5-12 would play. So based on the rankings this year Ohio State, Florida, USC, and Loisville would have a bye

They can do it however they like in the first round. Here’s my example though. 5 can play 12 (Boise State and Middle Tennesess). 8 can play 9 (Wake Forest and Brigham Young). 7 can play 10 (Notre Dame and Houston). And 6 can play 11 (Oklahoma and Central Michigan). Some of them would probably be blowouts, but there could always be a surpirse upset. And some great games too.

Then in the Quarter-finals Winner of 5 and 12 would play 1. So probably Boise State and Ohio State. Winner of 8 and 9 can play 3( Probably Wake Forest and USC). Winner of 7 and 10 can play 4 (So probably Notre Dame and Loisville). The winner of 6 and 11 can play 2 (So probably Oklahoma and Florida).

Then the semis would probably be Ohio State vs. USC. and Loisville vs. Florida.

You could have the semi-finals and the finals be Bowl games. And have consolation games as Bowls as well. You could even drop two regular season games to make it 8 conference games and only 2 non-conference.

Yeah Michigan would still have been screwed but it would have been a lot more exciting. Those are college games I would have actually watched.

Some people are saying the Top 8 Ranked teams should go to a playoffs. But I think the Popularity contest part should be taken out. You just have to win your division period. The Kansas City Chiefs were better than some of the NFC Teams that made the playoffs, but it was too bad because they play in the AFC. That’s the way it goes sometimes.