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Washington Sportsjam Pound-for-Pound MMA Rankings May 2011

Two of the champions on this list defended and retained their titles at UFC 129. Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre stays pat based on his boring but strategic defense. Featherweight belt-holder Jose Aldo drops to the bottom of the list after looking beatable for the first time.

1. Anderson Silva (UFC Middleweight Champion, Record 28-4)

The “Spider” is an easy pick here, being the most dominant UFC champion of all-time. Since winning the UFC Middleweight belt in 2006 Silva has defended it a record of eight times ( He has also won 13 consecutive fights in the UFC). Until someone can dethrone him and take his belt, he owns this spot.

2. Georges St-Pierre (UFC Welterweight Champion, Record 22-2)
GSP was not able to dominate Jake Shields the way he dominated his six previous challengers. However he once again held off a red-hot challenger by not playing into their game and exploiting their weaknesses. It may not have been exciting but it was the smart move. He still looks unbeatable in the Welterweight division.

3. Jon Jones ↑(UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Record 13-1)
Jones has looked unstoppable since he joined the UFC but many thought he would look more human once he fought the elite fighters. Turns out he doesn’t. He made just as quick work of former champ Shogun Hua as he did every other fighter he’s faced. While he still has to prove he can defend the title, he’s on a hot-streak right now and looks unbeatable.

4. Cain Velasquez ↑(UFC Heavyweight Champion, Record 9-0)
After the reigns of the hulking Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar, Velasquez proved that winning in the UFC required more than strength, power, and wrestling top-control. When Velasquez defeated Lesnar he proved that he was better all-around fighter than Brock and that he could contest with anyone in any aspect of a fight. There are a few UFC Heavyweights in his same class, but he’ll be a hard guy to take a belt from.

5. Jose Aldo ↓(UFC Featherweight Champion, Record 19-1)
Aldo may have gutted out a win against his most game challenger yet, but he did not look like his usual self in his first UFC title defense. His ground game and cardio were terrible, especially in the final round where he allowed the challenger Mark Hominick to stay in top-position for the final few minutes. Hominick ground-and-pounded away while Aldo just laid there. He wasn’t his usual exciting self in the standup either, relying on more technical striking. He may have mashed up Hominick’s face and won his first UFC title defense, but he didn’t look anything like the dominant WEC champion he once was. Worse, probable next challenger Chad Mendes thinks he found a weakness in Aldo’s game. Also, with the way Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez are fighting he may drop off this list.

Other fighters in consideration: Dominick Cruz, Nick Diaz, Frankie Edgar, Gilbert Melendez, Alistair Overeem


UFC #1 Contender Rankings – April 2011

christopherharte wikimedia commons

Welcome to Washington Sportsjam’s first #1 Contender Rankings! There is no official UFC Contender Rankings so I thought that this would be an interesting list to make. This list is in no way official and in no way affiliated with the UFC. This list is how I think the fighters should be ranked, not how I think the UFC ranked the fighters.

A few other notes on rankings. If a fighter has a championship bout lined up, he’s automatically the #1 Contender because if he wins he becomes the champ. Notable victories include other fighters on this list in any weight class, former UFC champions, UFC Hall of Famers, and former featherweight and bantamweight WEC champions. Notable defeats only count if they were in the in the UFC or in the lower weight classes of the WEC.


1. Junior Dos Santos

Last Fight:  Defeated Roy Nelson by Decision 8/7/10

Last Win: Defeated Roy Nelson by Decision 8/7/10

Wins in the UFC:  6

Streak: 6

Notable Fighters Defeated: Nelson, Filipovic, Struve, Werdum
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