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Skins Loss to Chiefs Prompts Major Changes

The Washington Redskins lost to another winless opponent yesterday, dropping one at home to the Kansas City Chiefs 14-6.  I wish I could have said this was a major surprise.  I wasn’t really shocked the Skins lost on Sunday but if you told me the following, I would have thought we were going to win:

  • Clinton Portis would break off the longest run of his entire career with a 78 yard run (15 rushes for 109 yards).
  • The Skins defense would have five sacks, would not allow a touchdown (to a team that scored 20 points against the Dallas Cowboys the previous week), and kept Larry Johnson under 100 yards rushing.
  • The Redskins would only have one turnover committed in the game on a “Hail Mary” pass at the end of the first half.

So, what happened?  How did the Redskins lose this game? In a nutshell:

  • The offense continued to struggle with putting points on the board and did not get in the end zone at all, even going against one of the worst defenses in the league.
  • The wide receivers and quarterbacks of the Redskins could not consistently connect on deep routes even though Thomas, Moss and Randle El looked to be beating coverage.
  • Timeouts were wasted.  Again.
  • The offensive line gave up a safety for the second straight week.
  • Jason Campbell was benched after missing open receivers down field.
  • Instead of going for a 52 or 53 yard field goal, Zorn elects to have Jason Campbell throw it towards (not even in) the endzone.
  • Special teams had problems again this week and surrendered excellent field position after our punt was blocked.

Six points.  That’s it.  The Washington Redskins are now 2-4, sitting at the bottom of the NFC East and are faced with a potentially disastrous matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles on national television next Monday night.  Something has to be done, right?  Something’s got to give, something must change.

The Change

After another pathetic performance by the Redskins offense, Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder met with Jim Zorn Sunday night and according to Zorn, “strongly suggested” that he give up play-calling duties.  This is the “too much on his plate” approach.  It definitely must have been tough on Zorn after being brought in initially as the Offensive Coordinator before he was hired as the Head Coach.  This is also in the context of the organization’s hiring of Sherm Lewis to be that “extra set of eyes” to see if he can fix the offense.  Now Lewis is the one who will be calling the plays.  Sherm Lewis said when he was hired here, he wasn’t “trying to take anyone’s job” and I believe him.  And now he has Zorn’s job of play-calling.

But at this point, is this the answer?  I am not entirely sure if Lewis will have any more success in his calling of the plays than Zorn did with this personnel.  The offensive line might have lost Chris Samuels not just for the season, but for his career after last weeks “stinger” and his narrowing spine problem.  That means that whether Todd Collins gets the start next Monday night or whether it’s Jason Campbell again (which I find more likely) it’s still going to be a bumpy ride.

The Effect

It’s hard to look at this move and not see that Jim Zorn’s days as the Skins Head Coach are numbered.  Whether it’s deserved or not, it’s clear that the fans and Dan Snyder will want change next season (if not much earlier).  There’s an off chance that the Redskins win big Monday night which might buy Zorn more time.  If the Skins wind up winning a few more in the harder part of his schedule he might be able keep it for the remainder of the season.  My view is that if the plan is to fire Zorn after Monday night, just fire him now.  Deal with him like a man, or else just let him do his job.

Stay tuned this week for an examination of who might be the Redskins next head coach if Zorn gets the axe, a comparison of Campbell and much, much more.


Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post has done a great job collecting thoughts from various media and football persona’s regarding the changes Cerrato has handed down.  Tony Dungy’s take here and everyone else you can think of is here.

Tony Kornheiser talked on his radio show this morning about his conversation with Dan Snyder in the owner’s box and Joe Theismann even came up as an option for a candidate to be the next (interim-only please?) head coach.

Comedian Danny Rouhier examines the futility of the Redskins great draft picks since 1991 and his latest “Redskins Anonymous” meeting.  It’s awesome, I promise.

Your Thoughts

What do you expect the product will be like against Philadelphia on Monday night?

Is the Zorn Era over?

Should it be?

Is Campbell done here?


Redskins Hall of Fame Preliminary Nominees

Here’s a look at the Redskins player and Administrators who are among the 2010 Hall of Fame Preliminary Nominees.

Bobby Beathard – Administrator – With Redskins from 1978-1988

Larry Centers – FB – Redskin from 1999-2000

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler 1995, 1996, 2001, All-Pro 1996

Gary Clark – WR – Redskin from 1985-1992

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro-Bowler 1986,1987,1990,1991, All-Pro 1986,1987,1990,1991, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame, 23rd in Career Receiving Yards, 25th in Career Receiving Yards/Game, 30th in Career Receptions, 40th in Career Receiving TDs

Jack Kent Cooke – Owner –With Redskins from 1974-1997

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Redskins Ring of Fame

Henry Ellard – WR – Redskin from 1994-1998

Notable Accomplishments & Awards –  Pro Bowler 1984,1988,1989, All-Pro 1984,1985,1988,1989, 1998 Rams MVP, 20th in Career Receptions, 8th in Career Receiving Yards 40th in Career Receiving TDs, 44th in Career Receiving Yards/Game, 25th in Career Yards fro Scrimmage, 15th in All-Purpose Yards, 18th in Career Punt Return TDs, 20th in Career Yards/Punt Return

Irving Fryar – WR – Redskin from 1999-2000

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowls 1985,1993,1994,1996,1997, All-Pro 1985,1994, 14th in Career Receptions, 12th in Career Receiving Yards, 14th in Career Receiving TDs, 33rd in Career TDs, 18th in All-Purpose Yards, 28 in Career Punt Return Yards, 33rd in Punt Return TDs

Rich Gannon – QB – Redskin in 1993 (1st year of eligibility)

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1999,2000,2001,2002, All-Pro 2000,2001,2002, 2002 NFL MVP, Bert Bell Award 2000, 2002 , Pro Bowl MVP 2000,2001, 27th in Career Pass Completions,37th in Career Passing Yards,43rd in Career Passing TDs,23rd in Career Passer Rating,25th in Career Completion %

Russ Grimm – G – Redskin from 1981-1991 (Finalist last year)

Notable Accomplishments & Awards- Pro Bowler in 1983,1984,1985,1986, All-Pro 1982, 1983,1984,1985,1986, NFL 1980s All-Decade Team, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskin Ring of Fame

Ken Harvey – LB – Redskin from 1994-1998

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1994,1995,1996,1997, All-Pro 1994, 1995, 1996, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame

Joe Jacoby – T – Redskin from 1981-1993

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1983,1984,1985,1986, All-Pro 1983, 1984,1985,1986,1987, NFL 1980s All-Decade Team, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame

Frank “Bucko” Kilrory – Administrator – With Redskins from 1962-1964

Jim Lachey – T – Redskin from 1994-1995

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro-Bowler in 1987, 1990, 1991, All-Pro 1985, 1987,1989,1990,1991, 70 Greatest Redskins

Dexter Manley – DE – Redskin from 1981-1989

Notable Accomplishments & Awards- Pro Bowler in 1986, All-Pro in 1986,1987,70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame, 25th in Career Sacks

Charles Mann – DE – Redskin from 1983-1993

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1987,1988,1989,1991, All Pro 1987, 1989, 1991, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame

Eric Metcalf – RB/WR (KR/PR) – Redskin in 2001

Notable Accomplishments & Awards- Pro Bowler in 1993,1994,1997, All Pro 1993,1994,1997, 6th in Career Non-Offensive TDs, 12th in Career All-Purpose Yards, 13th in Career Kick Return Yards,47th in Career Kick Return TDs, 4th in Career Punt Return Yards, 1st in Career Punt Return TDs

Brian Mitchell –RB/KR/PR – Redskin from 1990-1999

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1995, All-Pro 1991, 1994, 1995, 70 Greatest Redskins, 3rd in Career Non-Offensive TDs, 2nd in Career All-Purpose Yards, 1st in Career Kick Return Yards, 4th in Career Kick Return TDs, 1st in Career Punt Return Yards, 2nd in Career Punt Return TDs, 35th in Career Yards/Punt Return

Andre Reed – WR – Redskin in 2000 (Finalist last year)

Notable Accomplishments & Awards- Pro Bowler in 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994, All-Pro 1989,1990,1991,1994, Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame, 7th in Career Receptions, 10th in Career Receiving Yards, 11th in Career Receiving TDs, 33rd in Career TDs, 31st in Rushing/Receiving TDs, 27th in Career Yards from Scrimmage, 39th in Career All-Purpose Yards

Gerald Riggs – RB – Redskin from 1989-1991

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1985, 1986, 1987, All-Pro 1984, 1985, 35th in Career Rushing Yards, 28th in Career Rushing TDs

Reggie Roby – P – Redskin in 1993-1994

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1984, 1989, 1994, All-Pro in 1984,1985,1986,1987,1989,1991,1994, NFL 1980’s All-Decade Team, 17th in Career Punting Yards, 34th in Career Yards/Punt

George Rogers – RB – Redskin from 1985-1987

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1981,1982, All-Pro 1981,1982, 1981 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, 48th in Career Rushing Yards, 47th in Career Rushing TDs

Clark Shaughnessy – Coach – with Redskins from 1944-1947

Joe Theismann – QB – Redskin from 1974-1985

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1982,1983, All-Pro 1979,1982,1983, Bert Bell Award 1982, Walter Payton Man of the Year 1982, 1983 NFL MVP, 70 Greatest Redskins,  Redskins Ring of Fame

Doug Williams – QB – Redskin from 1986-1989

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Super Bowl XXII MVP, 70 Greatest Redskins, Redskins Ring of Fame, 45th in Career Passing Yards/Game, 13th in Career Yards/Pass Completion

Frank Wycheck –TE – Redskin from 1993-1994

Notable Accomplishments & Awards – Pro Bowler in 1998, 1999, 2000, All-Pro in 2000

As a Redskins fan I am of course rooting for Clark, Jack Kent Cooke, Grimm, Jacoby, Manley, Mann,Mitchell, Theismann, and Williams to make it to the Hall.  I think Jacoby and Grimm have the best chance to make it in this year. I think Gary Clark will make it in eventually, but the WR position is stacked this year including Reed, Fryar, and Ellard who played for the Skins but are more identified with other teams.

I think Charles Mann and Dexter Manley are on the bubble. Mann has the Pro Bowls but not the stats. Manley has both, but  his legacy tarnished when he was banned from the league for cocaine usage.

I am doubtful that Theismann or Williams will ever get in. They both were great QBs who knew how to win, but neither had stats that compare favorably to other QBs of their era. It could reasonably be argued that Williams really has only one game on his resume. It was of course possibly the best game a quarterback in the NFL ever played, but it was still just one game.

Brian Mitchell is a tough one. He is certainly accomplished enough to deserve a place in the Hall, but the voters have never been very accommodating of Special Team players.

Jack Kent Cooke is another one that I am unsure of. I think most Skins fan would agree that he did a lot for the sport, but his tenure as owner had its controversies.  Not everyone was happy with the move to Landover and even more were unhappy with his decision to put the team up for sale after his death rather than pass it down to his heirs. I am not even sure how he his legacy is regarded in other areas of the country.

What Redskins player or administrator do you think most deserves the Hall of Fame?


"It's Just Preseason"

Yes, it’s just preseason.  That’s what I had to continually affirm to myself once the game started and the Skins were down 6-0 to the Ravens starters.  I had to keep telling myself that it was “just preseason” when we ended up losing 23-0 and weren’t in field goal range one freaking time.  As far as those top 5 things went, well, some of them we saw and some we did not.  Let’s do a quick recap…

5. Offensive Line Play- For the most part, the offensive line did pretty well, I guess.  There were no huge holes for the running backs but seeing as everyone this offseason is predicting Campbell’s decapitation by week 3, they didn’t do that bad.  In fact, Campbell said he was pleased with their play (Of course what’s he going to say?  He’s no Clinton Portis).

Campbell actually picked out Rinehart and said he was impressed with his play.

4. Just for kicks. This was probably the most frustrating thing of the whole night. We saw one kickoff, no field goals and clearly no PAT’s.  It’s going to be tough (again, though it shouldn’t be) for coaches to determine a winner of a kicking competition when nobody freaking kicks in the games.  Our offense the whole way through was completely incompetent, not even in field goal range at the end of a drive.  Fred Davis fumbled a way a possible scoring drive or two on his own.

3. Cult of Colt vs. Toddball- Round 1 goes to Todd Collins.  Colt had the majority of time against the Ravens but failed to impress like he did last year.  He actually looked pretty uncomfortable with the backup line play. I know there were a few times he had open receivers and opted to scramble for a 5 or 6 yard scramble instead of making the toss.  Here’s the statistical breakdown:

Todd Collins

8 for 11   70 yards      72.7% Comp.%      O TD  O INT                    Rating 89.2

Colt Brennan

4 for 12   43 yards    33.3 % Comp. %       O TD    1 INT                   Rating 10.1

Colt had 3 rushes for 13 yards as well.

Colt’s pick, I didn’t think was entirely his fault.  The receiver definitely could have caught it though it wasn’t placed perfectly.  Collins definitely seemed more comfortable than a year ago (though still looked skittish in the pocket).  I expect that Collins will get more time against the Steelers this week and we’ll probably see more of Chase Daniel as well.

2. Who’s going to be Z-Man’s Z Receiver? Statistics can do part of the talking here:

Kelly- 3 catches, 25 yards, long of 13

Thomas- 1 catch, 12 yards, long of 12

Honestly, I was just glad they played a whole game and didn’t break, rip, tear or pull anything.  But beyond that, I can see the optimism surrounding these guys.  They have great size and seem like if they start putting things together they can use some of their speed to really infuse some life into this offense.  Kelly had a great grab he plucked from the air on a slant route in the middle of the field.  But then he ran the route a bit short on another play costing the Skins a first down.  Thomas had a good play but also seemed to be out of place on a WR screen from Collins.  Right now?  Edge goes to Kelly.

Fred Davis had some good moments right before he fumbled it…twice

1. Orakpo’s debut- One of the only highlights of the night was seeing Orakpo blow by the Ravens O-line.  Yes, Michael Oher (the guy Baltimore picked in the first round that we could have had) played well.  But in this game he was a waning candle compared to the brightness of Orakpo’s debut.  Did not have a sack but showed good pursuit from end.  His impact at LB (which is probably more significant) was unnoticeable, which makes sense since he’s still learning that position.  Actually, the whole defensive line throughout the night played well consistently breaking through the Ravens line and hurrying throws of Flacco, Smith and Beck.

Other Skins highlights and low-lights

Hagans did little to impress Zorn in this game as a punt returning option.  At one point I think I caught Zorn telling Hagans after another fair catch, “Do you want this job as a punt returner for us??”

Jeremy Jarmon had a batted down pass and broke through the line a few times.  He had a great debut as a Skin and paired with Orakpo, I think Vinny could get a bunch of people off his back for a little while (unless the offensive line explodes like everyone is screaming it will).  Jarmon has great size and speed, looks like a real smart pick.

Our secondary secondary had a really really rough night.  Tryon got burned on every freaking slant route.  Theismann blamed it on size but I don’t think that was really the issue.  If Tryon was bigger and in the same place, the Ravens receivers would still have been burning him.  His position was off every time.  Barnes also had a bad night.  He got burned for a touchdown, not sure if he thought Doughty was there in support but he wasn’t.

Also, Betts was given a Bettis jersey for the night.  I hope this is the only thing in common we have with the Nationals this year.  The Papa Johns segment DURING THE GAME WAS RIDICULOUSLY LONG, too.

What were your thoughts about the game?  What do you expect to see from the Skins against the Steelers this week?