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Why Shanahan Should get Another Year

After the 23-0 loss to the Bills on Sunday, many Skins fans are calling for head coach Mike Shanahan’s head. That is understandable emotion from a fan base sick of years of losing and embarrassing performances. I’ve certainly overreacted to a loss before and pondered firing Shanahan.  But I hope owner Dan Snyder doesn’t get impatient and pull the plug too early, something he’s arguably done before. Norv Turner was fired during a winning season, a year after going to the playoffs. Marty Schottenheimer was never given a chance and was pulled after one year in DC. Joe Gibbs retired from his second stint as Redskins head coach after a year he led the team to the playoffs. What would have happened if any of these coaches had another year or two in DC? What if one had become the guy long term? Would the Redskins still be in this constant state of rebuilding that has lasted over a decade?

So far Mike Shanahan has led the Redskins to a 9-14 record and his offense looks terrible. Still, Snyder and the Redskins fans need to be patient. Firing Shanahan would create more problems than it would solve. Even if the team finishes out the season 3-13, Shanahan should get the 2012 offseason and at least six games next year. Why? To finish out what he started.

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Shanahan is currently in year two of a rebuilding process. Fire him and the last two years of losing will have been for nothing. If Snyder brings in a new coach what is the likelihood that the new coach will want to run a 3-4 defense, West Coast offense, and a zone-blocking scheme for the offensive line? Why would Snyder want to bring in a Shanny-clone if he thinks Shanahan failed? Any new coach Snyder brings in will want to blow apart the roster and start again.

A case for Shanahan’s firing can be made easily enough. He misjudged the roster coming in, believing he could win with the team last year. He has put too much faith in his system and his defense. He’s cut players that didn’t fit and brought in some questionable talent that did. Instead of working with players that have obvious football skills but weren’t system matches he let them flounder. Offensive guard Derrick Dockery and defensive end/outside linebacker Andre Carter failed so miserably under Shanahan that they weren’t even tradable.

His QB evaluation has been terrible in his coaching stint so far. First he let go of Jason Campbell last year and brought in Donovan McNabb.  Campbell was having a career year and putting up wins in Oakland this year before his season-ending injury. Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb flamed out in D.C. last year, was shipped to Minnesota where he flamed out even more quickly this season. Shanahan went into this season with John Beck and Rex Grossman, two career journeyman as his top two QBs. He believed he could win games with either. It turns out he CAN’T win games with either.

So, why should he get another season after those mistakes? Because some progress has been made and firing him would destroy all that progress. In the first four games the Redskins 3-4 defense was looking stout.  The team is still 7th in points allowed at the end of Week 8. They have given up a lot of points and yards since the Week 5 bye, but they have also been dealing with injuries and an offense that hasn’t held the ball for more than 25 minutes the past three games.

That offense has looked horrendous the past few games but it’s had one of the worst rashes of injuries in the NFL. In two of the first four games the Redskins rushed for over 170 yards. Then starting left guard Kory Lichtensteiger went down for the season and starting left tackle Trent Williams injured his ankle. Without those two starters the o-line has looked overmatched. The losses on the offensive line, combined with losing starting RB Tim Hightower for the season, starting TE Chris Cooley for the season, and number one wide-out Santana Moss has turned an average offense to an abysmal one.

But the point is that GM Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan were able to create a good starting core for their West Coast offense and 3-4 defense in the two seasons they’ve been here together. Give them another off-season and they should be able to finish filling in the holes and put some reliable backups in place. Next year an injury to a starter hopefully won’t have such a drastic effect on the team’s chance to win.

Lastly, Shanahan’s hasn’t yet chosen his QB of the future. I admit this is a bit of cop-out here as Rex Grossman, John Beck, and Donovan McNabb have all been floated to the media as “Shanahan’s guy”. Shanahan has had two drafts and not only didn’t spend a high draft pick on a QB he didn’t spend any picks on one. This is almost unconscionable in what is becoming an increasingly quarterback-driven league. The last five Super Bowl winning coaches had their Super Bowl winning QB starting or on the roster during their first year behind the reins. But the fact is Shanahan has bought himself extra time by avoiding this necessary step (perhaps purposefully). There are many QB options in the draft and through trades in the 2012 off-season. Shanahan should be easily able to get a guy that is both high-talent and fits his system. He may even be able to trade for his “now” QB and draft his future QB.

So, let’s stay patient DC. If after six games into the 2012 regular season the Redskins don’t look like they’re on their way to a winning record then Shanahan should get the ax. He’s clearly not going to win here.  But I think if you give him another off-season he’ll put in place the next franchise QB, a quality starting offensive line, and roster depth on both sides of the ball. At that point the Redskins should be setup to win for the next few years. But if Snyder gets impatient and fires him this season or during the off-season, he’ll just be restarting the three year rebuilding cycle with a different coach.


Is Gibbs III a Good Idea?

The hot rumor of the day is that Joe Gibbs could be back to try and bail out the amazingly more dysfunctional every day Washington Redskins.  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk at is reporting that there may be a third coming of Gibbs to the Skins organization.

This would not be a third head coaching stint, however.  Dan Snyder would bring Joe Gibbs back to assist in bringing in a GM and the next coach.  This is just a rumor at this point, so let’s examine the pro’s and con’s of this possibility.

Gibbs III would be a bad idea because…

  • There were mixed results when Gibbs shared a joint role with Cerrato, Snyder as a Team President role. Adam Archuleta and Brandon Lloyd are just two of the misjudged people brought in to help the Washington Redskins during Joe Gibbs’ watch.  Those two players alone set the Skins back in dead cap money, roster spots and potential development of other players.
  • Would Gibbs have the time and will necessary to really turn this organization around in the long run. As screwed up as the Redskins are, there is a potential that this is going to get worse even next year.  The Skins need a major overhaul of the structure from which this organization operates.  Gibbs has a ministry he’s in charge of, he has a racing team, and a host of other things down in North Carolina.  For that reason, Jason Reid says that a source close to Gibbs thinks it’s unlikely that it will happen.  He’s just too busy.
  • Joe Gibbs worked very closely with Cerrato and Dan Snyder when he came back, is he willing to make the wholesale changes to the front office that it seems like the Skins need? There’s a reason that Dan Snyder and Joe Gibbs still stay in touch beyond the fact Gibbs was the last coach here.  How many of the ex-coaches under Snyder’s tenure does he still have some kind of a relationship with?  Does that tell us something?  Is Gibbs strong enough to finally put a “real” General Manager with real power in charge?  If they are close friends is he going to actually be able to keep Snyder out of the kitchen?
  • Does Gibbs still have the contacts after being out of the league for the past few years to accurately assess who should be here for the job?
  • Will fans dismiss this as a simple public relations move without substance and be even angrier with Snyder and the front office?

Gibbs III is a good idea because…

  • Gibbs is the only remaining link with the former success of the Redskins that has any ties to the organization. Gibbs knows what this heap of a mess used to look like when it was a championship winning team.  He knows what it should look like unlike the garbled mess that has been created by current management.
  • He had some success in personnel while he was here. Cooley, Moss, and Portis were brought in during Gibbs’ tenure.  These were major additions to this team and have been some of the only bright spots during the Skins past few seasons.
  • There is no one above Gibbs, not even Snyder. When Gibbs stepped back onto the scene Snyder stepped back.  It was amazing to see.  Gibbs has the respect of the owner and experience to back it up.  With any other person hired by Snyder comes along the possibility that it becomes a situation that we are currently dealing with.  Where someone is brought in but has no real authority to make things happen or staying power to weather the hard times (where real character and experience comes from).
  • There’s no way on God’s green earth Gibbs would keep Vinny, right? Could anyone?  This, and point #3 are probably the biggest things to hope for if Gibbs were to come back as a more hands-on consultant.  The real problem has been picking, keeping and signing talent.  The real problem has been not having a clear long term direction to take this franchise.

My Thoughts

I know there is a sentiment among Skins fans that Gibbs II was a complete failure.  I understand but disagree.  One of the things that I enjoyed most about it was that there was a coach who I knew I could trust was doing everything he knew how to fix things, was given the authority to do so and had the experience and character to back it up.

Jim Zorn could have eventually turned out to be a great coach here.  Unfortunately he was not given anywhere near the respect or authority Gibbs was on his return.  Zorn has been humiliated and dishonored here, as has our franchise’s once proud reputation.  Gibbs has a chance to bring stability back to Washington by setting up a map for the future and if there is anyone that could persuade Snyder, it would be him.

Your Thoughts

Do you think a Gibbs return would put this franchise in a better or worse situation for the future?

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