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Episode 58 – We Want… John Beck?

Bryan, Mark, and Jake break down the Redskins win over the Rams and look ahead to the Eagle’s after the bye. The guys also talk about Romo’s collapse, Detroit’s chances of winning the NFC north, and the biggest surprises in the NFL so far. Plus MAA and Bryan’s final Cap’s preseason recap.


Jansen Cut, Skins Right Tackle Competition b/w Big Mike, Heyer and Bridges

Jansen Cut Today

Career In DC.

This morning Jon Jansen was cut by the Redskins after Zorn didn’t see Jansen in the Skins’ future plans.  Snyder flew Jansen into DC from his Michigan home to tell him of the situation in person and Snyder offered Jansen the chance to retire a Redskin.  Jansen rejected it and preferred being cut.

Jansen was here with the Skins for 10 years and had a pretty solid career here.  The past few years he had injury problems but it was hard not to like him.  He was drafted by the Skins in 1999 in the 2nd Round out of Michigan and was steady for the majority of his career.  If you remember, Jansen has been a major force to be reckoned with on the O-line for the majority of his career, especially in the running game.  Last year he was benched before the season started in favor of Stephon Heyer.  After Heyer got injured last season, Jansen found his way back in the lineup and held onto the position for the remainder of the year.  Out of 126 games Jansen played in, he started in 123.  Also how can we forget when he battled on the front lines with not one, but TWO broken thumbs?!

The Reasons.

Injuries and Youth-  As noted above, Jansen has had injury issues the past 4-5 years.  After rupturing his achilles tendon in 2004, fighting with 2 broken thumbs in 2005,  and other injuries the past few years, Jansen’s body has taken quite a toll.  The Skins want to get younger on the offensive line and you can’t develop potential star Stephon Heyer if he’s second string.  Jansen wasn’t keen about being benched last year in favor of Heyer (how could a warrior such as Jansen ever be fine with losing a spot?).  Zorn and Joe Bugel apparently tried to work him as a center and guard as a backup option but didn’t like what they saw.

What do the Redskins Gain and Lose?


  • Roster Spot and Extra Evaluation time- The release of Jansen allows for Offensive Line Coach Joe Bugel to spend more time evaluating new potential answers for the spot, Jeremy Bridges and Mike Williams or Stephon Heyer.  This also allows the Skins another spot to use on the roster before cuts come later in the offseason.
  • A Younger Line- The Skins are aging on the Offensive line and many believe that even though it’s a tough thing to lose Jansen, this is a step in the right direction.  Guys like Stephon Heyer and Chad Rinehart should get more playing time.  Heyer earned it in his first year and has put in some major work this offseason to make sure he’s ready to roll.


  • Veteran Leadership- Jon Jansen was a 10 year pillar on the line for the Skins.  Always the fighter and warrior, his grittiness earned him the nickname of “Rock“.  He also hated to lose more than most on the team.  It’s too bad the Skins didn’t get further with him here in DC.
  • Salary Cap Flexibility- There have been different reports on the effects of Jansen’s release.  We’ll see what the specifics are but it appears that the Skins are going to take a hit by cutting him.

What now?

For the Skins-  The fight for the Right Tackle spot gets a little less crowded but not less competitive.  Zorn is keeping an open mind  and I think he’s hoping to see Mike Williams drop some more weight to be a real factor.  If I had to bet money on it, I’d put my money on Heyer.  

For Jon Jansen- Jansen scored a deal with the Detroit Lions hours the same day he was cut by the Skins.  This is a great situation for both sides.  Jansen gets to finish his career in Michigan and the Lions get a veteran guard with some fight still left in him for the veteran minimum.

Thanks Jansen for your hard work and blue-collar approach to a tough job, good luck in Detroit, they really need your help!