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Campbell In Comparison After The Giants Loss

When the Skins lost to the Giants Sunday, there wasn’t much love for Jason Campbell or Jim Zorn. Mark is about to post another podcast with our thoughts from the game very soon.  I also thought it would be interesting to look at how Campbell did in comparison to Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler.  The Broncos wanted Orton over Campbell, Skins wanted Cutler over Campbell and the Bears are stuck with Cutler.  

Campbell had a rough day against the Giants.  He threw an interception and lost a fumble that resulted in a touchdown (The Redskins ended up losing by 6 points).  However, he compared favorably well against the other two quarterbacks.


19 for 26        211 yards      1 TD       1 INT         73.1 Comp. %      93.6 QB Rating


17 for 28        243 yards      1 TD       0 INT         60.7 Comp. %      100.7 QB Rating


17 for 36        277 yards      1 TD       4 INT        47.2 Comp. %      47.2 QB Rating

Cutler’s regular season debut really couldn’t have gone worse.  With the game on the line, he threw his fourth interception and ensured a win for the Green Bay Packers.  Orton only narrowly escaped an opening day loss as well.  The lone touchdown he had was an 87 yard tipped pass to Brandon Stokely to beat the Cincinatti Bengals in the closing seconds of the game.

We’ll take a look at these quarterback stats in another few weeks to get a little perspective on the matter.  Obviously we can’t fully know “what could’ve been”, if Campbell was a Bronco or Cutler was a Redskin.  But when fans decide to pour all blame upon Campbell for an offense that struggles against a dominant defense and wistfully reminisce about the time we almost had Cutler, it’s not entirely accurate.  I may be proved wrong, but as far as this year is concerned, Campbell is the best man for the starting quarterback job in Washington.  

My prediction is that Campbell will be heads and shoulders above most of the NFL quarterbacks by midseason (with help from a somewhat soft next few games, a better running effort from Portis, and hopefully better playcalling from Zorn).  


NFL 2009 Season Predicitons – Playoffs and Super Bowl (Mark)

Alright. Matt and I have both given our regular season picks.  Now, time to look even further into the future and predict the playoffs!


Wild Card-Round (Seeds in parentheses winner bolded)

Packers (6) at Cardinals (3)

Playing warm weather will allow Arizona’s offense to keep rolling.

Redskins (5) at Saints (4)

The ‘Skins great D will be able to slow Drew Brees and the Saints down enough for a win.

Divisional Round

Redskins at Cowboys (1)

This will be an upset, but it should not be surprising. The ‘Boys just never get it done in the playoffs.

Cardinals at Vikings (2)

Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson will be able to put up some big numbers at home against a weak D. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald will try to keep the Cards in the game, but it won’t be enough.

Championship Game

Redskins at Vikings

Right now the Vikings look like a more complete team than the Redskins. And Favre is going to want win. Badly. He’ll make it happen.


Wild-Card Round

Ravens (6) at Titans (3)

The Ravens have a great team but the Titans team is a beast and has the talent to go all the way. The Ravens are not quite at that level yet.

Colts (5) at Broncos (4)

The Broncos will be the weakest division winner this year. Peyton Manning will get it done on the road against a defense that is still rebuilding.

Divisional Round

Colts at Steelers (1)

Without Tony Dungy to coach him anymore I predict that Manning will find Pittsburgh D too much to take.

Titans at Patriots (2)

This  could be the most competitive game of the playoffs. Both teams have a chance of winning, but homefield advantage and a week to rest their players will give the Pats the upper hand.

Championship Game

Patriots at Steelers

This will be a close, close game.  Mike Tomlin is a great coach with a Super Bowl win but Belichick is a great coach with three.  The Pats squeak a win out here.

Super Bowl

Patriots vs. Vikings

Brett Favre will finally get another Super Bowl win and retire for keeps (okay I admit part of this pick is simply me wanting that retire for keep thing to happen).  He has all the pieces he needs with the Vikes D and all day Adrian Peterson.  The Giants proved that Brady and the Pats can be beat in the big game. I think the Vikings are just going to want it more.


2009 NFL Season Predictions – AFC (Mark)

These are my predictions for the AFC standings this year.  I have less to say analysis wise about this conference so I will simply explain the reasoning for my division winners.

AFC East

1. New England Patriots

2. Miami Dolphins

3. New York Jets

4. Buffalo Bills

Last season the Patriots managed an 11-5 record and Tom Brady only played for part of one game. This year Brady is back and the offense instantly goes from great to one of the Top 3 in the league.  The Patriots picked up Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden at cornerback and improved their passing defense.  The Patriots play a tough schedule but with Head Coach Bill Belichick, Brady at QB, and a solid defense the Pats will be competing for home field advantage in the playoffs.

AFC South

1. Tennessee Titans

2. Indianapolis Colts

3. Houston Texans

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Tennessee Titans went 13 and 3 last year.  Most of their starters return this year and they are playing an average schedule.  Their big loss was on defense as star defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth left to go to the Redskins.  They still have Javon Kearse and Kyle Van Vanden Bosch to bring the pressure up front. The defense may not be quite as fearsome as it was but it will still be great. Kerry Collins is a veteran quarterback who can easily manage a team with a great defense and a strong running game to wins.

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Baltimore Ravens

3. Cleveland Browns

4. Cincinnati Bengals

The Super Bowl champion Steelers return nearly all of their starters.  They have one of the best defenses in the NFL.  With Rashard Mendenhall returning from injury the running game gets better and more varied.  Ben Roethlisberger is no Peyton Manning, but he knows how to get the job done.  The Steelers could be even better than they were last year.

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos

2.  San Diego Chargers

3. Kansas City Chiefs

4. Oakland Raiders

This  division is the toughest to predict because none of the teams are really that much better than the others.  I think the Broncos are going to be able to take it however.  New Head Coach Josh McDaniels and new quarterback Kyle Orton will exceed expectations.  Solid defenders Brian Dawkins, Andra Davis, Renaldo Hill, and Andre’ Goodman were brought in to reinvigorate the defense.

Playoff Seeds

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. New England Patriots

3.  Tennessee Titans

4. Denver Broncos

5. Indianapolis Colts

6.  Baltimore Ravens