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Episode 36 – Redskins Week 7 Review Podcast

Matt and Mark review the Redskins Week 7 win over the Bears,discuss DeAngelo Hall’s epic day, preview the Lions game, and look ahead to the schedule after the bye-week. They also review John Wall’s debut in the Wizards season opener.

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Campbell In Comparison After The Giants Loss

When the Skins lost to the Giants Sunday, there wasn’t much love for Jason Campbell or Jim Zorn. Mark is about to post another podcast with our thoughts from the game very soon.  I also thought it would be interesting to look at how Campbell did in comparison to Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler.  The Broncos wanted Orton over Campbell, Skins wanted Cutler over Campbell and the Bears are stuck with Cutler.  

Campbell had a rough day against the Giants.  He threw an interception and lost a fumble that resulted in a touchdown (The Redskins ended up losing by 6 points).  However, he compared favorably well against the other two quarterbacks.


19 for 26        211 yards      1 TD       1 INT         73.1 Comp. %      93.6 QB Rating


17 for 28        243 yards      1 TD       0 INT         60.7 Comp. %      100.7 QB Rating


17 for 36        277 yards      1 TD       4 INT        47.2 Comp. %      47.2 QB Rating

Cutler’s regular season debut really couldn’t have gone worse.  With the game on the line, he threw his fourth interception and ensured a win for the Green Bay Packers.  Orton only narrowly escaped an opening day loss as well.  The lone touchdown he had was an 87 yard tipped pass to Brandon Stokely to beat the Cincinatti Bengals in the closing seconds of the game.

We’ll take a look at these quarterback stats in another few weeks to get a little perspective on the matter.  Obviously we can’t fully know “what could’ve been”, if Campbell was a Bronco or Cutler was a Redskin.  But when fans decide to pour all blame upon Campbell for an offense that struggles against a dominant defense and wistfully reminisce about the time we almost had Cutler, it’s not entirely accurate.  I may be proved wrong, but as far as this year is concerned, Campbell is the best man for the starting quarterback job in Washington.  

My prediction is that Campbell will be heads and shoulders above most of the NFL quarterbacks by midseason (with help from a somewhat soft next few games, a better running effort from Portis, and hopefully better playcalling from Zorn).  


In case you haven't noticed… Michael Vick is out

Big Story this week: Vick released from prison.

Apparently this is a pretty heated issue: Should Vick be able to play in the NFL again?

I’m going to come right out and say it right off the bat: Vick served his time, now let him play.  It’s that simple to me.  He’s served time in jail, lost his job and lost millions upon millions of dollars from the Falcons as well as endorsement deals.

However, the questions still persists and it almost seems as though the real focus is whether Vick deserves to play.

A surprising amount of writers believe  he does not.  Dogfighting is so heinous (yes, I really wanted to use that word) that he should never be allowed to step on a football field again.

from TSN Mike Florio writes:

Vick intentionally, deliberately, and soberly embarked on a hobby that violated multiple federal and state laws, and that was premised on the cold-blooded torture and killing of dogs.

And then he lied about his conduct, to anyone who wanted to know the truth. He even tried to deceive about the killing of underperforming dogs after pleading guilty, and while strapped to a polygraph.

If it were up to us, Vick wouldn’t play for the Bears or any other NFL team. Ever.

Also from TSN, Spencer Hall “Mike Vick has a disease and there is no cure.”

The point is not to dismiss this possibility, but to remember that the actor in question suffers from an incurable condition for which there is no cure: stupidity. It may flare up at any point without warning, and its side effects are endless. Take your chances with him at your own risk.

Okay, so:  1. He had a dogfighting ring that was cruel and 2. that was stupid.  That pretty much sums it up.  Oh wait, no we need to make sure he’s paid his debt to society.  The Humane Society wants to help out, which is nice for Vick because that certainly would help his public image.  Vick apparently sat down with the Humane Society recently and told them of his growing up with pit bull fighting and how he never questioned it as a child.  What I like about the Humane Society’s approach is this statement: “For me, it’s not about Michael Vick and providing endless punitive treatment. It’s about stopping other young people from going down the road Vick took.”

But here’s what I don’t like: “He needs to prove himself to us and the rest of the country.”

Really?  What kind of price to society should dogfighting bring?  I mean Goodell and the NFL has given wife-beaters, drunk drivers, pot-smokers and crack heads second chances?  But not Vick?  People couldn’t possibly believe that dog-fighting is worse than say, killing someone while driving drunk or could they?  Well Florio of TSN thinks that because the actions after you are drunk driving are unintentional it is less reprehensible.  He calls it a question of intent.  He’s right, Vick was sober when he had dogs killed and someone like Stallworth was not when he hit and killed someone.  But I think we should also take into account the loss or is that not post-modern enough?  Dogs being killed is sad and wrong, but people being hurt and killed is tragic.

Okay, enough of what the bloggers and writers think!  How about the pro’s?

  • Arthur Blank, Falcons owner (though set at quarterback) believes that Vick has paid his debt to society.
  • Sam Huff quoting Clark Gable, “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
  • Tony Dungy: Believes Vick should get a second chance in life, is happy that he’ll be living differently. (I think Dungy wants him to be able to play again, honestly.)
  • Lovie Smith:”Mike made a mistake, and he’s paying the price for that mistake. Once you’ve paid your debt to society, you have to say, ‘OK, let’s go on from there.” Oh yeah, he also said Vick was like Martha Stewart ha.

Okay, what do YOU think?  Should Michael Vick be allowed back in the league, should he do more to “pay” society, do you even care?

And no, we will not even entertain Vick to the Redskins to replace Campbell nonsense