Washington Sportsjam MMA Pound-for-Pound Rankings: April 2011 Edition

Hello, welcome to the first edition of the Washington Sportsjam Pound-for-Pound MMA Rankings! Let me spell out the ground-rules before we get to our list.

Number one, we are only concerned with fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator organizations, the major North American fight labels .We’re a local blog, I’m one man and don’t have time to watch every Japanese fight.  Number two, only current belt-holders are eligible for the list, if you’re not the best in your weight class you’re not the best in pound-for-pound either. I know there could be many exceptions to this rule but it makes the creation of this list much easier. And lastly, a fighter must have been active in the last twelve months.

George "Rush" St. Pierre

Ryan Mallard/flickr

This first list is dominated by the UFC, I’m going to start following Strikeforce and Bellator much more closely so this list could change drastically or expand to 10 spots.

1. Anderson Silva (UFC Middleweight Champion, Record 28-4)

The “Spider” is an easy pick here, being the most dominant UFC champion of all-time. Since winning the UFC Middleweight belt in 2006 Silva has defended it a record of eight times ( He has also won 13 consecutive fights in the UFC). Until someone can dethrone him and take his belt, he owns this spot.

2. Georges St-Pierre (UFC Weltweight Champion, Record 22-4)

It could be argued that St-Pierre has been an even more dominant champion. Since reclaiming his undisputed championship he has completely destroyed his opponents in his six title defenses. However six in a row is not eight in a row.

3. Jose Aldo (UFC Featherweight Champion, Record 18-1)

Since his WEC debut Aldo has been on a tear. No one in the division seems to be anywhere near his level. He’s got quickness in the stand-up to avoid shots and land his own and has great ground-and-pound. Most of all he’s a brilliant tactician who never engages in a disadvantageous position and always finds an opponent’s weak spot.

4. Jon Jones (UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Record 13-1)

Jones has looked unstoppable since he joined the UFC but many thought he would look more human once he fought the elite fighters. Turns out he doesn’t. He made just as quick work of former champ Shogun Hua as he did every other fighter he’s faced. While he still has to prove he can defend the title, he’s on a hot-streak right now and looks unbeatable.

5. Cain Velasquez (UFC Heavyweight Champion, Record 9-0)

After the reign of the hulking Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar, Velaszquez proved that winning in the UFC required more than strength, power, and wrestling top-control. When Velasquez defeated Lesnar he proved that he was better all-around fighter than Brock and that he could contest with anyone in any aspect of a fight. There are a few UFC Heavyweights in his same class, but he’ll be a hard guy to take a belt from.

Other fighters in consideration: Dominick Cruz,Nick Diaz,Frankie Edgar, Gilbert Melendez, Alistair Overeem

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