A Eulogy for the End of the Zorn/Cerrato Era and a 2009 Twitter overview

The past season and half has been painful for Redskins fan. More than painful, those who bleed burgundy and gold were becoming downright suicidal.  One of the things that helped fans stay sane was the fact that there were plenty of others who shared their pain.  Whether it was the comedy of Funny Danny, disbelieving tweets from our tweetpeeps, or irate text messages to each other, sharing our pain made it a bit easier to bear. Sometimes it was comforting to know we weren’t the only ones so upset, sometimes a tweet sounded so absurd (but true) it was comical.

So I thought we could bury the season with a few of my favorites tweets and text messages from the last game. Hopefully, we’ll never have to go through this pain again.

Matt’s Texts

Here are a few of my favorite texts that Matt sent me during the eventual loss.  They not only show Matt’s keen sense of comedy, they also give a general feel of how the game was going.

“Beating the backups!!”  -5:35 p.m.

“Are we seriously going to lose this game too?”  - 6:57 p.m.

“Tryon: the new rogers” – 7:02 p.m.


There was some funny tweets not just during the last game but also throughout the year.

My favorites @reply during the game was this one.

Redskins 19and0 responded to my ” Why can’t the #Redskins catch an Int today?” with :”Not enough gold gloves”

Here are a few of my favorite @replies during the season.

December 21st – After I asked what was wrong with the special teams jbeardsley replied with: “‘That’s why they’re “special” ‘

December 13th- The Truth_About_It tweets:  ”Guess the Raiders are the bizzaro world Redskins.”

December 6th  - After the heartbreaking Saints loss beltwayboy tweets at us: “I’m mad at myself b/c they do it to us everytime. The Redskins are just good enough to break your heart!”

November 9th – After the Falcons loss AllisonNazarian tweets at us: “Too bad we couldn’t handle having a lead @ halftime. Why break tradition?”

November 2nd – Redskins_Fans @ replies to us: “I’m sorry but I’m very angry. Angry that Vinny and JZ suck.” I don’t know what that was in reference too, but I can’t argue with that logic.

Matt has a number of his own favorite tweets that he may do a separate post of.


I also wanted to give a shoutout to the aforementioned Twitter users as well as:



LizRabban,scottcohen13,Aquaman88,daflu22,dalison, tracytran.

Being on Twitter during the games, almost felt like watching the games in the same room with other Twitter users. Thanks to all of Twitter followers, especially the retweeters and repliers. I apologize to anyone I missed, I’m sure Matt has some users to add to the list.  Happy New Year to all, and hopefully our discussion in 2010 will be happier hones.

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