Skins vs. Jags preview

Well, there’s quite a bit going on right now with the Skins.  Let’s see we’ve got

  • the Washington Post exposé on ticket sales to brokers

    • Jason LaCanfora contributed to this article.  I kind of get the feeling his mood towards helping out with this article would be… I don’t know, ecstatic?  You remember the “tampering” debacle right?  Check out The Player Hater’s Ball for a completely logical and agreeable take on that situation.
  • the WaPo piece on Skins suing grandmother’s (and others) who can’t pay their season tickets.  I know it’s sad, but these folks need to get representation for the breach of contract claim by the Skins.  Reading this article, it sounded like a lot of these six year deals sound sketchy.  When you are getting sued: GET A LAWYER.  And yes, I know many can’t afford one, there are attorneys who will take some of these cases pro-bono.  
  • Dan Snyder is rated as the 8th best owner in the league by Yahoo! Sports.
  • Marcus Mason won’t be picking up the phone when it comes time for roster cuts (nice article by Mike Wise)

Oh yeah and we’ve got the last preseason game against the Jaguars!

Clearly tonight’s main focus is going to be on the performance of backup quarterback wannabes Chase Daniel and Colt Brennan.  Jason Campbell is expected to play a series or two and Todd Collins isn’t going to playing at all.  Brennan is probably behind in this battle because of his interceptions in the red zone (and last week on the goal line that ended in a touchdown for the Pats).  Chase Daniel did well in his limited time when he played two games ago.  

So, what are you looking for if you’re Jim Zorn or the Skins coaching staff?  I would say these four keys are the best way to analyze this qb position.  I’ll grade Colt and Chase on these factors tonight:

Athleticism- Daniel has shown his ability to scramble for first downs and make tough throws this preseason, but Colt has also shown his moxie for eluding the pass rush while working with the 2nd and 3rd team units.  This is important considering the OL’s penchant for injuries and the uncertainty of Vinny Cerrato’s willingness to build this unit through the draft.

Accuracy- Clearly Chase Daniel’s stats are more impressive thus far than Colt’s, but we’ll see how they match up during the course of an almost entire game.

Decision-making- This has been Colt’s downfall so far this season.  Forcing passes he may have made last preseason have turned out as interceptions this year.  Taking a sack on third down that pushes Suisham’s ever decreasing range is also not going to help him win this spot.  Look for passes thrown away if receivers are too well covered.  I know it’s not pretty and may end up like Campbell’s 1 for 7 against Pittsburgh, but that’s probably better than a pick 6 for these two qb’s to get a spot.

Coachability/Adaptability- This one will probably not be able to analyzed that much from the game.  But here’s the situation, obviously Collins goes into the game if ever something happens to Campbell.  Colt or Chase are unlikely to see the field this year in the regular season unless calamity  or conscientious development occurs.  That means that the coaches are looking for someone to groom and develop in the Zorn system.  Colt/Chase doesn’t need to have everything sorted at this point, but must be able to have the above mentioned 3 factors plus the patience and humility to be “coached up” (sorry for the Spurrier phrase).  Colt appears to be making strides toward this direction after previously being thought of as having too much “swagger” (personally, I don’t like how Reid classifies it as swagger.  I mean really can one have too much swag?  No, it’s impossible. Swag does not equal arrogance.  Swag=confidence.)

Also Look For…

Marcus Mason or Aldridge to make plays and force the coaches to figure out a way to keep them.

A Punt Returner who gets more than 6 yards.

Marko Mitchell to close out a stellar preseason and work his way into the lineup (possibly supplanting Thomas as the number 4 eventually?  Yeah, I said it!).

How BIG MIKE WILLIAMS performs tonight, playing in his first preseason game (finally!  I am excited to see him play though, for real.)

Your Thoughts

What will you be looking for tonight from the Skins?

Who do you think will be the Skins backup QB behind Collins? Are you a member of Church of Chase or the Cult of Colt?



2 Comments to “Skins vs. Jags preview”

  • Matt September 10, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    Well, Phil you were right on Marko and Susiham. Wrong on Alridge and Colt (kind of). I guess you were more right than not on Colt. I guess Alridge had a major case of fumbilitis in practice also which made him more of a liability than an option at rb. I am definitely surprised Suisham has the ability to beat *anyone* out for a competition having to do with kicking, but again, maybe he’s better (for the record, Madden 2009 thinks he’s as bad as I do, which is really really bad).

    Thanks again for posting Phil, we gave you a shout out at the end of our last podcast, come back and give your analsysis/opinions on our posts!

  • Phil D. September 3, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    Picks- Colt over Chase, Alridge over Mason, Marko over DJ, and Suisham over Rayner

    While 5’10 Chase Daniel may have impressed against the Steelers, I would be surprised to see them release Colt. I would expect Daniel to be released and placed on the practice squad, assuming he clears waivers.

    Portis, Betts, Sellers, Cartwright are obviously going to make the team in my opinion, but I also think they’ll carry one more. But whoever that is will make the team because of Special teams and not as a running back. He also has to be a different type of running back than we already have on the roster. That’s why my hat is in for Anthony Alridge. With his 4’2 speed, he brings the homerun speed that none of our top RBs possess anymore. He also has experience as a returner as well, something Mason doesn’t have. I like Marcus, but ST coach Danny Smith has publicly said that he doesn’t block well as a RB and he hasn’t learned how to play ST well.

    I’m already a bigger Marko fan than I am of Devin Thomas as well. He has impressed me on several occasions, especially the block he made on the Cooley catch. He still is young and is learning to play ST, Hackett doesn’t play ST at all. While I think DJ’s experience in Zorn’s system helps a bit, ultimately I feel as though Marko will make the roster as the 5th WR.

    For PK, I wouldn’t be opposed for the team to carry 2 on the roster, kind of how the Ravens did a couple years ago. You could have Rayner as the kickoff specialist and for long distance FGs, while Suisham could handle the 40yds and under FGS. Assuming they don’t keep 2, I would expect them to release Rayner.

    Oh, and they need to get rid of Tryon…

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