No need to panic.

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So a lot is being made about the Redskins loss to the Giants. I think analysts, fans, and others have been overreacting to it.  There are a few reasons that contributed to the loss, and can explain it in terms other than “the ‘Skins suck!”. Here are a few reasons why the Skins lost and few reasons why not too much should be made of this.

  • The 5 pre-season games. I know more practice, they should look sharper, etc. But I think the longer pre-season actually made the team more tired, not sharper. And guess what? The other team that had 5 pre-season games was the Colts, they didn’t look so hot either. Nobdoy predicting them to finish last in the AFC South now though.
  • The offensive line was horrible! Was it really? They only gave up one sack, one sack in which Campbell left the pocket.
  • The offense didn’t look ready. This I agree with. But let’s keep in mind this is a new system with a few new starters. It’s going to take a few weeks for the O-Line, Receivers, and Campbell to adjust to Jim Zorn’s new offense.
  • Injuries on the Defense. Shawn Springs missed the entire game. Jason Taylor and Fred Smoot were unable to play very much because of their injuries. Yet the Giants still only scored on TD. To be frank, Springs is the only true number 1 corner on the team. Once he and Taylor get healthy the defense will really be something.
  • Finally, we shouldn’t overlook the recent history between these two teams. The ‘Skins have not beat the Giants in the first game of two of a season since 2000. But in 6 out of the last 7 years they have come back to win the second. Including in 2005, after the Giants but that 36-0 shellacing on them.  That might not really mean anything statisically, but division games are typically more emotional than other games, and the ‘Skins do no want to be swept, and have not let the Giants sweep them more than once recently.

So, I guess the point is, let’s not give up on the season quite yet. The team still has a lot of potential and a lot more games to play.

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