Dear Daniel Synder

Dear Daniel Synder,

I am contacting you to offer you my services as your General Manager. I know you’re asking yourself “Why would he do that? We don’t have a General Manager and we don’t need a General Manager.” But I and many other people think you do need a GM. Unless trading away all of your Draft picks for players you then cut the next season  is some kind of grand scheme.

You need a GM because you need someone to look at the big picture. At Redskins Park you guys seem to have very much a NOW attitude. The Redskins are always going out and signing big free agents, looking for the guy to put them over the top, reach the Super Bowl. Well, every since you’ve owned the Redskins that hasn’t happened. And it is not going to. You know why? Because Super Bowl teams are more than just the sum of the parts; how their parts work together is how they win. That’s why the teams that have won the Super Bowl recently; the Colts, Steelers, and Patriots have built their teams mostly through the draft and keeping their core guys around.

The Redkins need someone with vision. Someone who can recognize the right talent for the your team in the Draft. Someone who knows which players form the backbone of your team and need to stay. Someone who won’t make the massive personnel mistakes the Redskins made last year.

Let’s take just as an example the players you released or allowed to declare free agency this offseason who were signed LAST year. Adam Archuleta, T.J. Duckett, Jeff Posey, Kenny Wright, Christian Fauria, Troy Vincent, and Mike Rumph. What is really bad about that is you brought four of those players in to help the struggling secondary. You obviously need someone who can recognize talent better. I won’t go into mistakes made in previous offseasons when you had a “GM”.

So by now, you’re fully convinced you need a GM. But why me? What are my qualifications?

Well first off I have played Franchise Mode in Madden every year since Madden 2002 came out. And I always get my team to the Superbowl by Year 3. In Madden ’07 I took the Texans to the Super Bowl by year 3. The Texans! I have a deep understanding of NFL personnel because of this, I know that after a player turns 30 he’s going to decline for the rest of his career so I know to draft a backup for him around that time.  But I know that if his Overall Rating is over 90 it’s best to keep him or trade him for someone younger because no one out there in free agency is going to have a higher overall. I know that you can always pick up a speedy WR late in the draft. Sure he might not have the best hands and awareness, but he’ll be a monster returning kickoffs and if you work with him in the offseason he can turn into a nice Deep Threat.

I am also one of the five people that bought a copy of NFL Head Coach for the Xbox. I have played that for about 60 hours and am the Number 1 Coach of all time. My proudest moment though, was going 17-0 in the 2006 season as the Redskins GM/Head Coach. How did I do it? The way you should have done it.

I started Jason Campbell from the start. I kept Ryan Clark, Matt Bowen, and Cory Raymer for depth reasons. I ignored most big name free agents, instead concentrating on adding depth and youth on the D-Line. I knew that the Redskins needed two things to get the over the top: A monster pass rusher and one more legitimate wideout. I picked up Warren Sapp. He was old but he gave the line the push they needed for 2006. I finagled a trade for Andre Johnson. The Redskins D was monster, finished 3rd overall. Jason Campbell led the Redskins to the league lead in passing attack and total offense.

Okay, that’s all well and good but that’s all video game experience. What about actual player management? Well, I had six fantasy teams last year, two of them finished second in the league and all but one made the playoffs. My proudest moment came because I missed the draft in one league. I was stuck with a bunch of chumps, but I managed to get to the Championship in that league. How? Smart waiver wire moves.

So, I would say I’m qualified for the job. Even if I’m not, I’d do a hell of a lot better than whoever is “managing” personnel right now.

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